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CAR Main Event Sales can provide a variety of event equipment which you can rent or buy

Money Machine

Our cash cubes create the atmosphere of excitement which builds the fun and energy for any event. We have inflatable machine available for easy transport.

Stationary Pack

Our Stationery Packs include materials for the event with “Was/Is” pricing cards, “Hold/Sold” cards, “Welcome” name stickers, valet parking ticket books and self-carbonating registration pads to record attendees details.

Banners and Walling

Bright flouro yellow walling to enclose the perimeter of a site and create an attention grabbing focus. A variety of large, brightly coloured, attention grabbing banners to be put up around the perimeter of the site with arrows and messages including, “Sale Entrance”, “Valet Parking”, “Marathon Sale”, “Stop Sale On Now”, “Finance Available”, etc

Sound System

Easy to set up and operate P.A. Sound systems with tripod mounted speakers and wireless microphones for music and spruiking announcements

Mike Galea owner of Car Main event sales.We trust you see the value in staging your Invitation Only Sales with an organisation, which understands your dealership, and we look forward to enjoying a successful and profitable sale with you soon.

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